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The Recoil Cocktail

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As summer is a urban myth here in San Francisco, it is rare that I’m craving a drink to keep me cool. It’s more like the opposite, I want a stiff cocktail to keep me warm as I act like it is summer in June, when the tights and scarf that I’m wearing indicate it still feels like December. However, there are days when the sun pops out and I want a refreshing cocktail. The Recoil Cocktail I could go for a margarita or mint julep but they’ve never appealed to me. In the past, my go-to-drink was a Kentucky Mule, a variation of the Moscow Mule using bourbon instead of vodka. Both drinks include ginger beer, which really makes a difference and gives these cocktails a nice little kick that I like.

I was fine with ordering the Kentucky Mule until I discovered one day at Bloodhound in San Francisco that one small twist to this cocktail could change the entire game. Let me introduce you to The Recoil. Basically, The Recoil is a Kentucky Mule with dash or so of St. Germain. Ah St. Germain, this is one of the best inventions if you don’t know it and can always be found in my house. It’s like the bacon of cocktails; you can add it to most cocktails and it just makes it taste better.

Normally I would say this is a super easy cocktail to make or order at your local bar. In fact it was the first cocktail I ever made at home. This was also when I figured out that if you don’t have a cocktail shaker, tupperware will work just as well in a pinch. Your only potential problem in being able to enjoy The Recoil is our current state of limepocalypse or limeageddon.

Limepocalypse is no joke. I know that because every time I go to my local corner store they are out of limes or are trying to sell me limes the size of a quarter for the same price as regular limes, which is crazy. I’m not sure of the impact of limepocalypse across the country or in the bars, but it is only a short time before rates will change or bartenders will be making citrus substitutions.

In the meantime as we wait for the end of limepocalypse, I say it’s Friday, shut off the computer early and head to your nearest bar and enjoy a refreshing Recoil while there still are limes.

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