I’ll Drink To That: The World’s 50 Best Bars

No matter where you live, your occupation, your hobbies or even your cash flow, we all have one thing in common.  We all have our favorite bar(s) somewhere in the world.  Now what makes a bar great is like art and completely is in the eye of the beholder.  Luckily for us, some experts get together annually at Drinks International’s World’s 50 Best Bars ceremony and announce what they think are the best bars to help guide the rest of us to better drinking experiences.

In it’s sixth year, The World’s 50 Best Bars is probably the most globally respected poll of its kind.  Now I’m all about trusting the experts, but I did start to question who are these “bar experts?”  And what makes them so qualified to create such an important list?  Of course you know I did some investigative reporting a Google search to find out more.

It turns out that the bar experts, also known as the Academy, consists of 334 members of some of the world’s most influential bartenders, commentators and industry trainers.  When I read how they select the Academy members, I thought I totally could be an elite member of the Academy.  I travel and comment on bars and drinks all the time.  Then I read this one line on their website that pretty much summed up my chances of being an Academy member:

 What a spotty teenager with itchy Twitter fingers thinks is the best bar is of little interest to us.

Well, I’m no teenager, but I assume I still fall under the category of the ‘itchy Twitter fingers.’  Maybe, next year I’ll become notable enough to make the Academy or at least a girl can dream.  Until I do, here is the full list of what those other experts think are the World’s 50 Best Bars.  I’ve also highlighted this rogue commentator’s top picks, including my local favorite Trick Dog.


Artesian has topped the World’s 50 Best Bars poll three years in a row. If that doesn’t convince you to go, just look at the pictures above of some of the drinks and decor.

Artesian, London, UK (Photography via corleywoolley.com)


There are tons of craft cocktail bars in San Francisco. That said, Trick Dog not only has an innovative menu, but they also make drinks really fast. The cute bartenders, food and venue round out what makes this one of my favorite bars in my hometown.

Trick Dog, San Francisco, US (Photography via Trick Dog Facebook page)


I’ve been to many hotel bars, but you feel like you’re in Cuba or Puerto Rico when you enter this hostel bar. That’s right, I said the bar is in a hostel. Makes you rethink your travel arrangements next time you’re in Miami.

Broken Shaker, Miami, US (Photography by Photography Justin Namon / ra-haus via bonberi.com)


Entering through a phone booth inside a hot dog shop may be slightly gimmicky, but the rest of  Please Don’t Tell (PDT) is nothing but swanky, speakeasy vibes.

PDT, New York, US (Photography via www.eater.com)


The Clover Club is speaking the San Franciscan brunch fanatic language with their brunch cocktail menu. How can you not be impressed?

Clover Club, New York, US


The video pretty much says it all.

Quinary, Hong Kong, China


 World’s 50 Best Bars 2014 (in order)

  1. Artesian, London, UK
  2. Dead Rabbit Grocery & Grog, New York, US
  3. Nightjar, London, UK
  4. Attaboy, New York, US
  5. Employees Only, New York, US
  6. Canon, Seattle, US
  7. The Baxter Inn, Sydney, Australia
  8. American Bar, London, UK
  9. High Five, Tokyo, Japan
  10. 28 Hongkong Street, Singapore
  11. Connaught Bar, London, UK
  12. Happiness Forgets, London, UK
  13. Aviary, Chicago, US
  14. Elephant Bar, New York, US
  15. Nottingham Forest, Milan, Italy
  16. Smuggler’s Cove, San Francisco, US 
  17. Candelaria, Paris, France
  18. PDT, New York, US
  19. Bulletin Place, Sydney, Australia
  20. White Lyan, London, UK
  21. Buck & Breck, Berlin, Germany
  22. Broken Shaker, Miami, US
  23. 69 Colebrooke Row, London, UK
  24. Hemingway Bar, Prague, Czech Republic
  25. Le Lion Bar de Paris, Hamburg, Germany
  26. Door 74, Amsterdam, Holland
  27. Three Dots and a Dash, Chicago, US
  28. The Jerry Thomas Project, Rome
  29. Chainaya. Tea & Cocktails, Moscow, Russia
  30. The Everleigh, Melbourne, Australia
  31. Eau de Vie, Sydney, Australia
  32. Bramble, Edinburgh, Scotland
  33. Trick Dog, San Francisco, US
  34. Dry Martini, Barcelona, Spain
  35. Clover Club, New York, US
  36. Drink, Boston, US
  37. Black Pearl,  Fitzroy Victoria, Australia
  38. Schumann’s, Munich, Germany
  39. Floreia Atlantico, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  40. Star Bar Ginza, Tokyo, Japan
  41. Delicatessen, Moscow, Russia
  42. Quinary, Hong Kong, China
  43. Cure, New Orleans, US
  44. Tales and Spirits, Amsterdam, Holland
  45. Maison Premiere, New York, US
  46. La Capilla, La Capilla, Mexico
  47. Licoreria Limantour, Mexico City
  48. Shady Pines, Sydney, Australia
  49. Callooh Callay, London, UK
  50. Williams and Graham, Denver, US

*selections in bold our my picks from the list


So we’ve heard from the experts, what are some of your favorite bars?


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