Rogue Style Holiday Gift Guide

I realized at an early age if you want to get exactly what you want for the holidays, you need to provide folks with a list. My lesson came from what is now known in my family as the “Pink Panther Christmas,” when I wanted a 10 speed bike, but Santa brought me a banana seat Pink Panther bike. Convinced Santa made a Pink-Panther-rogue-style-holiday-gift-guide-2014delivery error, I went back to sleep assuming I’d wake up to a 10 speed bike like all the other kids had in the neighborhood. Looking back, I know I was wrong for my behavior, but best believe I always create a list of what I want for the holidays after that incident.

So what does this chic want for the holidays this year? Here is my rogue style holiday gift guide 2014:

Carry on Cocktails Kit

$24 |

I’m a sucker for bitters and a really good cocktail. Now I can have both on the go at anytime with this handy travel kit.  Don’t be surprised if I’m slightly twisted if you see me on my next flight.

Carry on Cocktail_1


Pricing starts at $30/per person |
There are so many great restaurants in San Francisco, but getting a reservation can be like winning the lottery.  Why bother when you can rent a personal chef with services like Kitchit? kitchit_2Kitchit has a talented team of chefs that can create meals as cheap as $30 a person to a multi-course show-stopping meal to impress the pickiest foodie. Having had a personal chef in Nicaragua, I should caution you that it will be tough to go back to cooking, but this service is so worth it.

Agent ProvocateurStevie_Slide-rogue-style-holiday-gift-guide-2014

$770 for set | 
I may not have a boyfriend at the moment, but you never know when you may meet Mr-Right-Now or need to reinact a Beyonce video on a trip. The prices aren’t for the faint hearted, but their lingerie will provoke your mate to do whatever you want. A girl always needs to be ready to play a secret agent behind closed doors!

Global Entry Program

$100 Application fee | Entry-rogue-style-holiday-gift-guide-2014

I hate lines and the worst are when you’re stuck behind a group of people who act like they’ve never been in a TSA line.  By pass U.S. Customs and TSA lines like a celebrity with the Global Entry Pass. Before you can travel like Kayne and Kim, you’ll need to apply and get cleared as a low-risk traveler. Thus, if you have a record, your $100 is probably best spent on some comfy shoes for those long lines.


Sia Scotch

$49.99 | 

Sia-Scotch-rogue-style-holiday-gift-guide-2014Looking to show off your whisky (yes, I said whisky) knowledge at your holiday party? Then grab a bottle of San Francisco-based SIA Scotch.  Launched in January, this delicious whisky has already won a Double-Gold medal in the SF World Spirits Competition and received 91 points on Wine Enthusiasts.  Plus you’d be supporting a female-owned business that is shaking things up in the traditional world of Scotch.


Vivienne Westwood Anglomaniavivienne-Westwood-coat--rogue-style-holiday-gift-guide-2014

$708 |

This coat makes me feel like I’m channeling my inner Olivia Pope from Scandal, but with a Gwen Stefani edge. I also adore the red label striped boucle coat, but it is sold out.




Pricing varies |

I like jewelry that makes a statement, but is classic. I discovered HELLBENT Jewelry at one of the Black Market SF events, which is a gathering in San Francisco of the city’s best craft, food artisans and performers under an intimate evening setting. The prices are decent and the jewelry is unique.




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