A Love Letter to Money

Love letter to money cover

Dear Money,

You and I had a rocky start.

I understood your value from a young age, as my dad hoarded his relationship with you. This constantly annoyed me, and the fact that you and I only spent time together on special occasions. I also think this is when I discovered I craved you, especially anytime I wanted to buy something.

However, you were never there for me growing up. I started to wonder if I was worthy of you, as it always seemed like you were in a secret club with everyone else and left me outside begging.

I couldn’t figure out what to do to get your attention. I felt abandoned, and in all honesty, my feelings were really hurt. I’ll never understand why you like to play hard to get. Why couldn’t you be easy like Debt?

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But that’s all in the past now as we have worked through most of our issues.

I now know that I am worthy of you. I always thought you were too good for me, but I am in a good space where I know we can be great partners.

You see, I am no longer afraid of you. Or at least I am working on not being afraid of you. Though I wont lie, I often dream of you getting rid of your side chic, the I.R.S., so it can be just you and me. However, I get that she can be taxing, so I should get comfortable with this forced threesome.

I just need you to know that though I haven’t been the best life partner, I am still going to need you to do better. I need you to stop disappearing when I need you the most, as you keep freaking me out. We need to work together as a team so you can stop coming up missing and will stick around more often.

Please know that I will do my part in this partnership. I will continue to work on respecting and honoring you. I will try not to take you for granted anymore. I also promise to follow some of Forbes’ tips on how to have a better relationship with you:

  1. Pay attention to you
  2. Prioritize you
  3. Have faith in the long term vision
  4. Forgive the bad
  5. Keep as sense of humor when it comes to you

I swear to you, from this day forward we are going to be each other’s BAE!

Love Always


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  • Reply November 18, 2015


    Danielle, Your best yet! Muah, muah, muah!

    I continue to have a love/hate relationship with Money. It’s a relationship I just simply want to own as in I am in charge, be where I want you to be when, enough said. But I’m constantly disappointed. And no wonder, because I’m lazy and just frankly don’t want to put in the work, I’ll admit, to being a better partner. Wonderful food for thought!!

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