What Does It Mean To Be Rogue?

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People ask me all the time, “what does it mean to be rogue or a rogue woman? ”

According to the scientific and very official definition from the highly respected Urban Dictionary, to be rogue means:

Someone who acts independently and wayward from the usual group, generally acting in an outrageous or abnormal manner

So if we were to take this definition of what it means to be rogue as the bible, they are basically saying that for one to be rogue, she has to be crazy and not normal.

If you remember, Sarah Palin based her entire presidential campaign off this definition of rogue. She then went on to write a book about how rogue she was because she did her own thing instead of following the official Republican Party messaging. But is acting independently from the ‘normal’ mindset really that crazy or weird?

For those drinking the ‘normal’ flavored Kool-Aid, the answer is yes; someone acting independently from the usual group is definitely crazy.to be rogue woman_elsa Arauz

But don’t believe the hype, as these are also the same people perfectly ok with sipping their ‘normal’ flavored Kool-Aid and never questioning what it means to actually be ‘normal.’ For them, one should be a certain way to be successful, happy, loved, respected and the list goes on.

And then there are others where it’s simply not in their DNA to do something because everyone else is doing it. These are the women who play nice in life’s sandbox, but something deep inside of them craves to go outside the box to live the life they want and not the one society or the media says they should live. These are the women living or striving towards the true meaning of what it means to be rogue or a rogue woman.

Thus, I’m calling B.S. on Urban Dictionary’s definition of what it means to be rogue and rewriting it to say:

Someone who ditches the expected life script that society or others have written for them and creates the story line they truly want to live

So go out there and be rogue, because who seriously wants to blend in?


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