Dairy of a Vegan

I found it easier to tell people I was a porn star than I was going vegan. My journey seemed easy at first, but there were a lot of challenges I had to overcome. I’m still going strong but here is an inside view of the dairy of a vegan.

Day 1

I was excited when Elevation Eating delivered my five days worth of food in these super cute mason jars. Looking at the wide variety of food options, I started to feel better about my decision. Plus, having a chart for what I needed to eat each day and the support and guidance from Elevation Eating made my first day feel like a fun game and not a life changing moment.

I will admit though, I totally panicked when I saw that my collard wrap dinner was the size of two mozzarella sticks. Surprisingly it was filling and I did not go to bed starving, which was my biggest fear.

Day 2

I woke up singing and dancing to Drake’s “One Dance” like I was celebrating life.  I felt energetic and amazing, but OMG I was literally running to the bathroom every ten minutes. I knew it was bad when I had to go more than my pregnant co-worker. It was as if I broke the seal without the joys of being wasted from drinking too much bourbon or wine. No one could ever claim I was dehydrated with the amount of water I was drinking, but again I felt good.

Day 3

diary of a veganIf yesterday I woke up like a Disney character, today I woke up like I entered my own personal hell. My throat was sore and I had a terrible cough.

I was told my body is detoxing, so I let it go and continued eating my meals and drinking plenty of water. Even though I felt like I had a cold, I felt super energetic, which felt odd. What also felt odd is that I didn’t feel like I was missing out on something by not eating meat or cheese

Day 4

I spoke too soon. The idea of cheating entered my mind as if someone had flipped a switch. But then the craving went away just as quick as it came on with no lingering issues. What I discovered later on is that I get cravings when I go too long without eating.

Day 5

I still feel like I have this cold, but my energy level continues to be high and I feel lighter. I am secretly giving myself a high-five because I survived my vegan challenge. What would happen if I kept it going? I keep telling myself this is only an experiment, and I will go back to bacon soon as I feel the urge.

Day 7

After hours of researching recipes, I went to Whole Foods to get everything to create my first vegan meals. The meat section is usually like my own personal candy shop, but this time was completely different. I glanced over at the meat and fish and had no desire to go. I felt slightly sick even from the smell, but convinced myself this too shall pass.

Day 10

I’ve been thinking about Fourth of July and visualizing the ribs or steak on the BBQ pits. How I do love the smell of BBQ meat. Then I began to wonder, what will I eat this year? My cousin doesn’t eat red meat and we almost pity her. What will they think of me as a vegan? Am I strong enough to resist ribs, mac and cheese and my cousin’s famous lemon cake? Fourth of July will be the real test of my commitment.

Day 13

BBQ Ribs Vegan Hell diary of a vegan

My initial attempt to go back to eating meat

The opportunity presented itself for me to eat some bacon and ribs on a solo road trip and I did not back down. Well, that’s not true. I did consider changing my order to a grilled Portobello mushrooms, but then I told myself, “You are a grown ass woman, eat what you want!”

So I ate what I thought I wanted. After one bite of the ribs, I immediately felt sick to my stomach and had to go home. How a carnivore can go from lusting over meat to sick at the sight in two weeks is a mystery. I’m kinda pissed as I am not prepared to think meat is never going to be a food option. I mentally still like meat, my stomach is the one protesting!

Day 14 – Fourth of July

I made it to D-day, and I didn’t have the urge to eat meat. I made myself a quinoa and avocado salad and was perfectly happy. Life as a vegan is good for now.



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