Why Challenges in Life Are No Longer A Problem

Do you ever feel like why are all these unfortunate challenges or difficult times always happening to me? Do you question why do I keep making the same mistakes in love, money, and life in general? Tired of feeling stuck and not sure what to do?

I felt this way too for a long time, and it freaking pissed me off.

I used to blame God, the universe and other external forces for everything bad happening to me. It made sense that a person would go through some challenges in life, but to have self-worth problems, horrible luck in dating, financial issues, AND health problems, it seemed like I had all the bad luck. What I couldn’t understand is what I did to deserve all these things to happen to me.

Often times I found myself secretly jealous of those who appeared to have an easier life. I also secretly got some joy when those seemingly lucky folks finally experienced what I deemed to be a challenge. And then I woke up.

That’s when I discovered life’s challenges weren’t happening to me, but for me to grow into my authentic self. It’s also when I shifted my mindset and started viewing life’s challenges as a reminder to keep growing.

challenges weren’t happening to me, but for me to grow

It has not always been easy or comfortable to grow, but the alternative is continuing to be stuck in life. I can’t speak for you, but I am over being stuck and it is no longer an option.

Plus, there is a sense of achievement when you look back on all the struggles you’ve overcome in life. This feeling and having a supportive community is what motivates me to continue to find positive ways to overcome life’s challenges.

Today we are offering you an opportunity to challenge yourself and grow ‘rogue style’ in a fun and safe environment.

We are excited to announce that next week we are launching the Go ROGUE Challenge. The Go ROGUE Challenge is a weekly challenge program created to give women a little push out of their comfort zone. Each week you will be given a different challenge on topics like dating, money and personal development to help you move closer to being the woman you want to be. We also will add you to our private Facebook community of rogue women ready to support you through your journey.

Sound interesting? Click here to sign up to go ROGUE!

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To show our appreciation for the first women ready to grow with us, we are offering two weeks free if you sign up by Saturday, July 30, 2016 and then complete the first two challenges.




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