Malia Obama Has No Duty to Us

Malia Obama _Steven HSVA

Have you heard one of this week’s biggest scandals? Malia Obama was caught dancing at the Lollapalooza music festival this past weekend.

I know, I too was completely outraged and shocked! Why would an eighteen-year-old girl dare dance at a music festival? Does she not know how to act ladylike?

For the record, that was sarcasm if you didn’t catch on. I think it’s crazy to see people on social media so upset by the footage of Malia Obama from this weekend.

So why are they upset? Some felt like it was her duty to attend the Democratic National Convention instead of a music festival. And then there are others pissed that a President’s daughter was caught twerking in public.

If President Obama had a son, and he was spotted dancing, would this even make the news? Would he be told stop dancing like a slut and act gentlemen-like? Doubtful.

Yet, women are held to another standard that says we must act a certain way.

One of my favorite verses from the Book of Beyonce (I recently gathered I love to quote Bey), “I’m a grown woman, I can do whatever I want.” Meaning, we as women are under no obligation to fit some image that the media has predetermined for us to be accepted. It doesn’t matter if you’re grown or not and that also includes all Presidential daughters.

Truth be told, Malia has no duty to us to act or be a certain way. It is not her job to sacrifice her authentic self to satisfy millions of Americans who have a distorted view of how she should live her life.

A President’s eighteen-year-old daughter caught being a young adult is not ground for impeachment. It’s also not going to start a war. So let’s please let it go and allow Malia to get back to living the life she wants unapologetically.



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