Dating While Traveling: How to Be Open to Love on The Road

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If you are single, I bet you’ve said a few times, “Dating in ___ (your city) sucks!” I know I say dating in San Francisco is horrible all the time. That’s why I like dating while traveling.

There is something about being outside of your setting and dating. I don’t have any problems being myself in San Francisco. Yet, I find when I’m on vacation I’m more relaxed, which opens me up more to the possibility of love. I think it’s because the normal stressors of life don’t exist unless you brought them with you on the trip. My only stress while on vacation is what am I going to eat and selecting a bathing suit to wear.

It’s now a lot easier to date while traveling thanks to online dating sites. Before you had to hope to see a hot guy in a bar or club and then throw in an extra prayer to talk to him. Nowadays, you can scroll through sites like Tinder and OkCupid to find potential dates in several countries. The only downside is being matched with someone who is in the same country, but hundreds of miles away because the online dating pool is limited. That’s what happened to me on my trip to Placencia, Belize.


And while I do make an effort to chat up potential mates on online dating sites when on the road, it still isn’t my preferred way to meet someone.

I am holding out for a chance meeting with my lifetime partner on the streets of any city outside of the United States. (Yes, I watch too many romantic comedies)

I am convinced one amazing date with a French guy in Amsterdam ruined me and left me a hopeless romantic traveler forever.

I met this guy when I was at my worst, and he still asked me out. I was in Amsterdam for a conference and lost my luggage on the way. I looked like a hot mess wearing glasses and clothes I bought in the Red Light District because it was the only shopping area open at the time.

He didn’t seem to care because he asked me to join him on a boat ride. I should mention it was also my birthday that day; another reason why I remember this date like it was yesterday.

That night, I paid for a boat tour around the Amsterdam canals and I did not see one tourist sight. He had me hypnotized with his conversation and looks. Instead, we walked and talked until the morning without any awkwardness.

I left the next day for Italy, and he went back to Paris. We kept in contact for a bit but then lost contact for a few years. I still wonder what if I made a stronger effort to make a long distant relationship work?

I can’t change the past, but that date has inspired me to continue dating while traveling. I guess I can also blame it for my nightmare date in Thailand too.

I had high hopes for an amazing travel date in Thailand. I went on this trip manifesting that I would meet a cute single guy interested in me. I basically got exactly what I asked for and nothing more.

I forgot to ask for a guy that wouldn’t constantly lie or leave me stranded in the middle of nowhere. Lesson learned!


Tips for Dating While Traveling

  • Be honest with yourself. Are you open to what it means to fall in love with someone that lives long distance?
  • Be honest with the person you are dating. Are you open to a quick fling that ends when you get back on a plane or do you want a real relationship?
  • If something seems off, trust your instincts.
  • Give someone you trust your date’s contact information and your location.
  • Safety first always!

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    Yes, dating abroad has a completely different element to it. Trying to understand cultural nuances while trying to flirt and learn about each other makes things interesting. I personally think that the more different you are, the harder you try to understand each other to make things work because you really don’t know their culture or language. Great post!

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