Why Do You Let Things Get To You?

let things get to you

Do you feel you often let things get to you?

Like one minute you’re having a great day and then someone or something comes along and ruins your entire mood. Don’t you hate that feeling? How dare they mess up your day because now you’re annoyed?

Wrong! They didn’t ruin your mood, you did.

We all have a choice when it comes to how we react to life.  We can choose to let that co-worker that wants to push us to quit get under our skin. Or we can learn to let go of these situations and stay focused on things that bring us happiness. It really is that simple to take back control of your emotions and your day.

So why are you still allowing things to bother you?

Because it easy to get caught up in your feelings and let things get to you. Let’s face it, we are human, and we are emotional beings. But we can also be a Negative Nancy too if we aren’t careful.

Who is Negative Nancy?

Negative Nancy is someone who allows everything to upset her because she is not happy with her life. She expects life to be negative, which gives her comfort, so she continues to manifest negativity.

I spent a good portion of my life as a Negative Nancy. There isn’t an exact moment when I decided to stop being negative and made a conscious effort not to let things get to me. Instead, it developed as my self-worth grew; that came with age and self-awareness. That’s when I no longer had the mentality, time or desire to let people hijack my mood on a regular.

I still slip up and fall back into bad habits. Trying not to be a living example of a Drake lyric, constantly going 0 to 100, is a daily exercise in patience and self-awareness. But it’s better to keep trying than settle into a life where you let things get to you. That is no longer an option.



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