What If Michelle Obama Ran For President of The United States?


As Michelle Obama once said, “Being president is a really hard job and it’s an important job.” And it’s true; people expect the president to be a miracle worker protecting the rich, poor and middle class all at the same time while also charming the world with their great personality.

One of the primary reasons why no one is super excited about Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump is because they lack character and trust from the American citizens. But what if Michelle Obama ran for president of the United States? The voting lines would break world records!

Unfortunately, both Michelle and Barack Obama have repeatedly stated she’d never run for office, but let’s live in a fantasy world for a minute. What if she changed her mind and ran for president? Is she qualified to be a good president?


Reasons Why Michelle Obama Would Be a Great President


Michelle Obama feels like that friend or family member you turn to when you need advice about the hard stuff in life. You know she will always tell you the truth, no matter how bad things look and that’s what you want in a president. Someone who is not going to lie to your face and then do the complete opposite.

Policies on Fleek

As First Lady, she could have taken on any cause, like the war on drugs or healthcare. Michelle opted to fight for our future by developing programs like the Let’s Move! to combat childhood obesity within a generation and promote healthy living and the Let Girls Learn program advocating for girls education. Personally, I want a president that is looking out for our kids and the future of this country.

Fashionable House

Sure we all love seeing Barak Obama speak, but we secretly tune in to see what will Micelle wear. Who doesn’t want a president who knows how to mix designer with Target? That alone shows she can think outside of the box and be innovative.

Dynamic Duo

When the media wants the world to think the black family is broken, Barak and Michelle Obama give us a picture perfect model of black love every time we see them dance, hold hands or steal a kiss.

Leads by Example

Though Michelle has stated she doesn’t want to run for office, she is a natural leader. Hell, she might as well be Hillary Clinton’s unofficially advisor the way Clinton is embodying Michelle’s quote, “When they go low, we go high.” Michelle would not be that petty president making off the cuff remarks that most of us feel Donald Trump would do if he won.

Keeping it Real

She is not afraid to look silly or be herself because she knows her worth. Have you seen her mom dance moves on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon?

Inspires Girls to Rock

And if none of these other reasons have convinced you why Michelle Obama would make a great president, I have just one more reason to throw at you. She declared that black girls rock at Black Entertainment Television’s annual award show dedicated to celebrating the achievements of women of color.

Michelle Obama’s epic speech

It’s inspiring to little girls and grown women to have a First Lady like Michelle Obama, however, imagine how mind blowing it would be if she became the first African-American female president.  (Mic drops)









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