Rogue Women Slaying: Kenna Williams

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Kenna Williams is hands down one of the most inspiring women I am grateful to have met. What she has gone through in one year would probably break most people.  Yet, she continues to push forward living life unapologetically on her terms while motivating the rest of us to manifest what we want in life with her #YearOfYesManifest posts.

Kenna Williams

Current City: Oxnard, California
Hometown: Memphis, Tennessee
Hobbies: Traveling, finding travel deals, going to concerts, and throwing epic taco parties
Social Media: justmekenna (Instagram) / @justmekenna (twitter)

When do you think you found your voice?

I would say I have always had a voice and it was pronounced at an early age. I’d probably say I started using the voice within the last ten years or so. I think around the age of 30 you become more aware of yourself and your capabilities. My grandma used to tell me never to back down from my truth, and she said that to me often throughout her life, so that starts that voice.


What does it mean to you to be rogue?

By definition, being rogue would be something that is bad but in my case and yours, being rogue means I’m no holds barred, pushing envelopes, challenging mindsets and going places/doing things one would never think I’d do. Kinda like a misbehaved woman. I like it……you want it, go get it you rogue woman!
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What is the one characteristic that you totally dig about you, and the one that drives you insane?

I like that I am somehow in tuned with people around me and people in general. People can walk by me and I can sense that they might need a hug or some positive affirmation. Other times, I can sense distress or know the right time to call someone. It’s one of those divine gifts I have that I cherish.
Now….for my characteristic that drives me insane…HONEY…listen…I am a Sagittarius woman, and we are often marching to the beat of a drum that’s somewhere else. Sometimes I can appear a bit loose headed, ungrounded and a bit all over the place and many times I am, but eventually I will pull it together in my own way.


What advice would you give to your younger self?

Live your life…not the life someone else wants you to live. I joke about the times I told my mother that the choices I make have no bearing on the way she and my father raised me. I have to live for me and sometimes that means being or doing things that might be a bit different from your family, upbringing, etc.
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What motivates you to keep pushing outside your comfort zone?

I really don’t have a choice….even to breathe you have to push. Push your lungs, nostrils,  heart and the rest of your body to LIVE DAILY. I don’t want a mediocre life. I mean, I don’t have to have my name in lights and on billboards, but I want a life that pushed through comfort zones, went higher than what people say is the top, etc. I want to know I have done something and left a legacy somehow. No one will speak ill about me after death…you will know I pushed all limits.


What advice would you give other women wanting to be rogue?

Well behaved women never make history. Let that sink in for a moment now go forth and manifest your own roads to your personal destiny. All designed by you exclusively.


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