I Refuse To Take My Blood Pressure Medication!


I wrote earlier this week about 9 ways you are your worst enemy. Well, the reason I ended up in the hospital last night is number 10.

So why did I end up in the emergency room on a Friday night instead of hanging at a bar? It was because I was experiencing issues with high blood pressure…AGAIN.

This is probably my fifth time in the hospital dealing my high blood pressure since June.

Sadly, I refuse to take my blood pressure medication when I know I need to do so. I want to deal with it naturally, but the reality is my vegan-ish diet is on point. I can’t afford to lose any more weight. And I exercise as much as I can with my knee issue. There really is no other alternative at this moment but to take my meds!

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To give a little background on how bad things are, my blood pressure has been on stroke level for a few months ranging from 170/116 to 182/129. If you don’t know, average blood pressure is about 120/80.

This is why I ended up in Thailand instead of going to Burning Man. My doctor refused to let me go to the desert in fear of me having issues. She also vetoed my plan B trip to Cuba, so I went to Thailand instead without asking permission.  Whoops!

All jokes aside, this is not a joking matter. I know better, but won’t do better in this situation. It’s not like I want to die. There are so many things I want to do and places I must see. Yet, I refuse to take my blood pressure medication with no logical explanation.

By telling the full story behind my issue with my blood pressure, I’m trying to hold myself accountable to take my medication. It’s easier not to do better when no one knows why you are always in the hospital.

Y’all are now my accountability partners. Thanks!

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