Breaking Up With The Norm 7-Day Challenge

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My Past Has No Power Over the Fabulous Future I Create!

Another year is coming to an end. In these last few days, we often reflect on the things we did or did not do this year.

Do you recall that feeling of empowerment you had in early January? You said to yourself, “this year is going to be different!”

For some, things were different for the good or bad. Yet for many, we went back to our comfortable habits that continue to give the same results that we didn’t want to happen in the New Year.

Just because you may have carried past drama, poor relationship choices, debt, and bad habits into 2016 from 2015, does not mean this is a tradition you need to keep. The only thing that benefits from you carrying this dead weight from the previous year into the New Year is your comfort zone.

Why your comfort zone is bad

white girl staring outMany of us have been in a relationship with the norm for a really long time. For some, the norm is damn right abusive. He keeps you in credit card or school loan debt.  He keeps you from love. And what’s worse, he makes you believe the life you want to live is not possible.

The norm is a horrible life partner. He and his buddy comfort zone will tag team your dreams and aspirations into the gutter one at a time. The sad thing is, many of us are oblivious to the fact that we are even married or dating the norm.

We simply think our normal behavior has gotten us through life’s obstacles in the past so why make any changes. However, just because those behaviors worked as a Band-Aid in the past doesn’t mean it is the healthiest solution.

My self-worth was non-existent in my 20’s. I had so much self-hatred that I would hook up with guys I didn’t like to punish myself for the guilt I felt for allowing myself to be raped and molested. This became my norm or Band-Aid to help me deal with the secrets I kept to myself for years.

It wasn’t until I was able to break up with the norm that I started to love myself and felt free to be my authentic self.

If you are questioning what’s your relationship status with the norm, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I feel stuck in life?
  • Are there signs have I been misinterpreting or ignoring because it puts me outside of my comfort zone?
  • Is there part of me that I have been afraid to express and show the world?
  • Do I need to make some changes to get what I really want in life?

NOTE: If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are in a relationship with the norm.

Come January 1st many of us will feel empowered to have a brief separation from the norm as part of our New Years resolutions. And we will feel better for a few days or weeks until we break those resolutions.

But, aren’t you tired of making the same pseudo promises to yourself like you’re going to exercise more or that you’re going to have a better relationship with yourself or money?

The reality is that none of these goals are possible without officially breaking up with the norm and we want to help you breakup!

Are you ready for the challenge?

If so, we invite you to join our Breaking Up with the Norm 7-Day Challenge.   Breaking up with the norm IG

By accepting this challenge, you will be given the tools to help you let go of what no longer serves you and start shifting your mindset to make healthier life choices through daily challenges.

The Breaking Up with the Norm 7-Day Challenge is designed for those ready to make a real and lasting change in their life. It is not meant for those not willing to look in the mirror and make the changes needed to live the life they want.

Regardless of your relationship status with the norm, the Breaking Up with the Norm 7-Day Challenge will meet you where you are to help you on your journey to a better you. It doesn’t matter if you only need a little reminder to stay away from the norm or if this is your first intervention. Either way, we got you!

Sign up today and begin your rogue journey to the life you desire. The challenge will begin on January 2nd.

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