Be Grateful To Be Single During The Holidays

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Tis the season to feel brutally aware that you are single. Being single during the holidays can either suck or be the best season ever. It’s all about how you think about it.

For me, I think about being single during the holidays the same way I think about being single the other 300+ days of the year. I am the cake.

What does that mean? It means like a cake, I am perfectly baked and delicious on my own because I’ve put in the right ingredients (and work) to get the recipe called life to taste exactly the way I want it to taste.

And although cake is pretty awesome on its own, when you start adding icing and sprinkles to it, the cake taste even better. I like to think of having a life partner and children as icing and sprinkles.

Of course having a partner and/or children can enhance your happiness, but remember, the cake on its own is complete. But the opposite is not true. Icing and sprinkles without cake are just a sad drunken night when you’re hungry and that’s the only thing left in your refrigerator. You only have icing and sprinkles without the cake when you’re desperate or you’re up to no good.

Nowadays I get excited about being single during the holidays. Yet, don’t be fooled, I too have also experienced my share of ‘I am single during the holidays, so my life sucks’ seasons.

It’s easy to start believing that little voice in your head that tells you that you are less of a person because you are not in a relationship. That’s when depression and loneliness kick in. Instead of listening to that voice, yell back: “I am cake dammit!”

If you need some reinforcements here are 7 reasons why being single during the holiday season rocks:

  1. One less gift to buy that represents your undying love for another

    (Rogue Challenge: Instead, buy yourself a gift honoring your love for yourself. Make sure to wrap it up so you too have a special gift to open from someone who loves you dearly.)

  2. No hiding your disappointment because BAE didn’t get the hint to get you what you really wanted for the holidays
  3.  No awkward work holiday parties, except your own
  4. You get to spend the holidays the way you want

    (There is no splitting time with a mother-in-law or someone else’s annoying sibling when you’d rather be watching a Law and Order marathon or spending time with your own family)

  5. You can kiss up on several secret crushes all on the same night in the name of mistletoe or New Year’s Eve, so take advantage of this rare opportunity
  6. No sharing holiday leftovers
  7. You can do whatever you want because you’re single!

Being single during the holiday season gives you an opportunity to focus on you. Plus, isn’t it better to be alone during the holidays than settling for less or staying in an unhealthy situation?

Use this time to cater to your needs. Learn a language. Catch up on your reading. Sleep in. Take this time to love on you before you get caught up in some new year’s resolution you’ll regret by February.

Happy Holidays to my fellow singles. Let’s live it up this season!

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