The best Travel Groups On Social Media For Black Women

travel groups on social media

You don’t need statistics to know Black women are traveling internationally more. Scroll through your Facebook or Instagram feed and you’ll see pictures from recent trips to Cuba, France, Thailand and so many other places.

The Black travel movement is changing the face of travel. And that’s not the only thing changing in terms of how Black women travel.

Back in the day, we depended on tour guidebooks from experts like Rick Steves or Lonely Planet. These books were the Holy Grails for traveling internationally. They also were difficult for finding quick answers to specific questions.

Nowadays, most of the information found in those bulky books is online in travel groups on social media communities where you can also ask detailed questions. The downside is that there are so many travel groups on social media making it difficult to know, which are right for your needs.

Hopefully, this list of travel groups on social media for Black women will help get you started on your journey:

The #NOMADNESSX South Africa crew at Lion Park in #Johannesburg. #NOMADNESS #Travel #Tribe

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Nomadness Travel Tribe

Boasting over 15,000 members, Nomadness Travel Tribe is an urban travel community with collectively over 100,000 passport stamps. I should note this is the group that saved me when I was stuck in China and needed help figuring out how to get home. Tribe, as it is sometimes called, has saved me a few times when traveling internationally. It’s also where I discovered my first glitch airfare ticket and met many of my current friends.

Join if… You want a fun loving, no holds barred travel group that feels like a family with a wealth of information on any country (and I do mean any).


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Up In The Air Life 

If luxury is your thing, Up In The Air Life is the travel lifestyle you want to live. Offering luxury-hosted travel experiences like Yacht Week in Croatia and a high-end cruise down the Nile River, they are all about providing the epic experience. All you need to do is step on a plane and they will do the rest including 5-star lodging, dining, and excursions. If you are not ready to travel but want your wanderlust needs met, their social media feed is exactly what you want for your daily fixes.

Join if… You want to live the lavish life while traveling and want to see some of the best wanderlust pictures from Black men and women traveling the world.

Travel Noire

Travel Noire is a digital publishing platform that creates tools and resources for the unconventional traveler mainly targeting individuals from the African diaspora. With the help of their global team of curators providing insights from locals, Travel Noire inspires and empowers Blacks to travel more. Also another great wanderlust Instagram profile.

Join if… You’re a Black professional wanting to expand your travel knowledge


“Two years ago I was married, lived in a small town in Wyoming, and had never left the United States. I have never wanted children and always dreamed of seeing every corner of the world, while my spouse felt very differently about these matters… Today, I moved out of my home state, I’ve now visited 16 countries, and I have learned to leave situations and people that are no longer right for me. It’s okay to grow, to change, and most importantly, it’s okay to do what makes YOU happy. I’ve lost friends and even family who don’t quite understand or agree with my life choices… but I’ve never felt more alive or been happier than I am today. I have finally let myself be me! GLT is such an amazing support system, and I hope that anyone who hears my story may get the courage they need to finally take that leap and live for herself.” ⭐️❤️ . Thanks to #girlslovetravel member @alyaroundtheworld for sharing her story. 🌎🌍🌏 Have you ever taken a leap like this to chase the life you want?

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Girls LOVE Travel 

Girls LOVE Travel is a like global sisterhood of almost 300K travel-loving women. Many of the conversations in their Facebook group focus on safety and supporting their fellow female travelers.

Join if… You are a novice or solo female traveler looking for safety advice or the female perspective on travel.


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