What does it mean to be ROGUE?

“Someone who ditches the expected life script that society or others have written for them and creates the story line they truly want to live”

Our mission at Rogue Experiences is to create unique experiences for the busy black woman (aka – Superwoman) who is tired of being tired and is ready to unplug and explore the world.

Danielle D. Washington

I created Rogue Experiences based on my own experiences as a recovering “superwoman.” From a young age, I was taught that I should be able to do it all as a Black woman. My female ancestors did it all during slavery, so what was my excuse for not being able to push through with modern-day technology? I didn’t have a valid excuse in my mind, so I continued to embrace my role as a superwoman.

I strived to be the hardest working employee while also being there for everyone else and I was miserable. I was constantly tired and stressed out trying to live the superwoman lifestyle that I thought I should be living. It was only when my body shut down did I take time by force to unplug and reenergize.

Then one day someone asked me, “If asked to name your top priorities in life, how long would it take for you to name yourself?” That hit home for me. I realized I was so busy making the job, family, and boyfriend my top priorities that I forgot about me.

My turning point was when I abruptly left my job and moved to Italy not knowing anyone nor the language. This is when I discovered that travel is an excellent way to unplug and reconnect with yourself, but it is also one of the best teachers in life. Through travel, I have developed life skills you can’t gain in a classroom and met some of my best friends.

I’ve been blessed to travel to 29 countries thus far and the list continues to grow, however, that wasn’t enough for me.

I realized I wasn’t the only Black woman raised to believe she must try to do it all (with a smile) and that bothered me. I always knew there was some injustice I was meant to fight. It wasn’t until I created Rogue Experiences did I realize my purpose in life is to inspire and empower other Black women to make themselves a priority and take the time to unplug and discover their own life lessons via travel.

So that’s my story but I want to know, are you still focused on being a superwoman or are you ready to make a change?

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