What If Beyoncé Was Swinging in The 40’s?

I assumed like the rest of the closet Beyoncé fanatics, I was an average fan and not a member of the beyhive. Why would I think otherwise? I’ve never been to a concert. I wasn’t one of the many who ran to download her latest album. Of course I knew the words to Bootylicous and Crazy In Love, but had to bob my head to the others until it got to the chorus.

All that said, I have to confess I’ve been more than buzzed off of “Drunk In Love.” I am addicted to the song. I have downloaded the vogue remix, the Diplo remix, and The Weekend’s version of the song.  I even watched a few million times the emoji version and now I am obsessed with a swing cover of the song.

The swing cover got me thinking. What if Beyoncé was debuted in the 40’s and was singing at the same time as Billy Holiday? Would Bey outshine Billy? Would she be as grounded as a singer/performer due to the restraints of the times?  I guess we will never know but this cover of “Drunk in Love” is worth the listen.

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