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Easter is this Sunday and time for feasting on chocolate bunnies and marshmallow everything___ (fill in the blank). As far back as I can remember there has always been the boring dyed eggs that we’ve all grown to expect at Easter. I was thinking with new episodes of Games of Thrones back on the air, wouldn’t it be awesome to instead show up to your Easter celebration with dragon eggs?

There are a couple different ways you can go about making dragon eggs. I found a super easy DIY video on YouTube for How To Make Dragon Eggs From Games Of Thrones and made some alterations to enhance it.

  • Instead of using thumbnails, I opted for a mix of gold antique and regular upholstery pins. I put the antique pins at the bottom to give the dragon eggs an aged look.
  • Next I used a three-color painting process painting from lightest to darkest colors. I started with painting the entire egg lime green. With the other two colors, I used light paint strokes to add to the aged look effect.
  • It seems obvious, but you should allow each coat to dry before adding another coat.
Dressed up as Khalessi from Games Of Thrones

Dressed up as Khalessi from Games Of Thrones


The entire process took me about two and half hours. Now of course you could get extra bonus points by also dressing up like Khalessi, but the dragon eggs alone are enough to impress most folks.


Happy Easter!!




Dragon Eggs Supplies

  • 3 shades of acrylic paint  (other types will eat away at styrofoam)IMG_3859
  • 250 gold antique upholstery pins
  • 200 gold upholstery pins
  • 1 styrofoam goose egg

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