6 sample sale survival tips to ensure you get the most bang for your buck!

Gilt City Warehouse Sale

My friend introduced me years ago to Billion Dollar Babes, which I thought at the time was the shopping Holy Grail and one of the best sample sales in San Francisco. Not sure why they stopped having their huge sample sales a few years back, but Gilt City San Francisco has stepped right in their place. The Gilt City San Francisco Warehouse Sale is a legendary two-day shopping party with clothing, accessories and home decor up to 90% off retail.

Now as great of event as this is, the Gilt City San Francisco Warehouse Sale is not for the faint-hearted shopper. Think of it as sending a kid to the largest candy store and giving them 30 minutes to pick out whatever they want while 500 other kids are doing the same. I really believe this sale could be considered a competitive sport.

Sounds overwhelming? Here are a few tips to help prepare you for any sample sale:


Top 6 Survival Tips For Mastering Sample Sales:

  • Select a ticket with the earliest time slot available (early bird gets the best deal)
  • Wear black or nude underwear for all clothing types (you never know if you’re trying on something low-cut)
  • Don’t bring purses, bags or coats  (this will only slow you down at check-in while others start shopping)
  • Know your shopping priorities before going and make a beeline for that section when you enter
  • Don’t be shy, the dressing room is one communal room (remember the Esprit Outlet)
  • Get there early as there will be a line!!


Gilt City San Francisco Official Site: http://www.giltcity.com/san-francisco/


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  • Reply June 3, 2014


    Great tips. We need one of these in Nashville, I gotta go on the hunt. That sounds like my kind of sale for real!!

  • Thanks NaturallyStellar! Gilt City may not have a warehouse sale in Nashville, but they do have Gilt City National with great deals as well as the http://www.gilt.com site. I’ve gotten great deals on both.

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