I’ll Drink To That: Trinidad Sour

Trinidad Sour Cocktail

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Trinidad Sour Cocktail

Once you get to a certain age (which will remain my secret), you’ve tried most spirits. I had a great relationship with gin and then we broke-up never really recovering. Rum was abusive from the start and tequila has totally been my late night booty call. After many failed drinking relationships, I finally succumbed to the fact that wine is my lifetime partner. Yet, that has not stopped me from regularly cheating with the most tantalizing mistress by the name of whiskey.

I'll Drink To That!

This is a feature that will highlight the trails and tribulations of my search for my go-to-drink. Will I ever find the perfect drink? Not sure, but I'll drink to trying!


First up in this series is the Trinidad Sour created by Giuseppe Gonzales. Inspired by Valentino Bolognese’s competition-wining Trinidad Especial, this ruby-red colored cocktail packs an intense flavor combination that is rare to find.  And for the inner alcoholic in you, don’t be fooled by the fact that there is more bitters then whiskey. The Trinidad Sour is the Holy Grail for anyone who loves whiskey and bitters heavy cocktails.  The only downfall is finding bartenders who know of it or have orgeat, a required ingredient.

I have introduced the Trinidad Sour to many of my friends with the unanimous opinion of the cocktail. Whether you end up loving it or hating it, this is a drink you won’t forget.


Trinidad Sour Recipe: 

§  1 ounce Angostura bitters

§  1/2 ounce Rye Whiskey (preferably Rittenhouse)

§  1 ounce orgeat (almond syrup)

§  3/4 ounce fresh lemon juice

§  egg whites (optional)

Add all items into a cocktail shaker with ice and shake well. Strain and serve in cocktail glass

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  • Reply May 30, 2014


    Miss D –

    If you are going to use egg whites in a drink, the preferred mixing method is to first dry shake the ingredients without ice so the egg whites emulsify properly. 15-20 seconds will suffice. Then add ice and shake again to chill. The results will be far superior.

    Yours in Roguery,


    • Reply May 31, 2014

      Danielle Washington

      Thanks Q for the extra tidbit about using eggs white! I am expert in drink buying, but always open to advice for making drinks.


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  • Reply March 14, 2015


    Is it a sour without the egg whites?

    • Reply March 15, 2015

      Danielle D. Washington

      Yes, the drink is just as good and is sour without the eggs.

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