I Dream Of The Best Burger In San Francisco

I dream of a burger, and not just any burger.

I don’t even need to close my eyes to visualize this burger as I can see it as if it was on a plate right in front of me and oh does it look good.  Its hot juices leaking onto the plate indicating this isn’t your typical overcooked, dry burger.  The bun is two pieces of artisanal quality bread and not that sesame seed bun you got in the cafeteria.

As for the rest of the burger toppings, it changes depending on my mood.  When it comes to the cheese, which is a must, I generally switch between Brie, Swiss, Gorgonzola or something with truffles.  Sometimes there are caramelized onions, truffle shavings, or avocados., but no matter what else is added, there is always bacon piled on top of the burger.

Where did my burger quest begin?

I discovered I had high standards for my burgers when I had my first and ONLY McDonalds burger at age five.  I remember ordering a Big Mac and taking my first and last bite only to discover it was not as the commercials had promised.  I immediately walked over to the trash and threw the rest of the burger away, never to try another McDonald’s burger.  My poor parents unfortunately had to endure many more incidents like this, but is it my fault I was born a foodie?

I guess my taste buds knew what a good burger should taste like and wasn’t accepting nothing less. If only my heart was the same way, but I digress.

After McDonaldsgate, I grew up being particular about my burgers, but I hadn’t given up.  Attempts were made to like the burgers at other fast food restaurants.  I made it past the first bite at times, but ended up eventually throwing them all away in disappointment.  It got to the point that I gave up on fast food.  And if I saw frozen burgers being thrown on the grill at a BBQ, I would graciously decline opting instead for a meal of chips.

I guess my taste buds knew what a good burger should taste like and wasn’t accepting nothing less. If only my heart was the same way, but I digress.

Fast forward some years and now I’m an adult living in San Francisco, a foodie’s haven.  Some people have hobbies like wine tasting, photography or hiking.  Me, my hobby is to find the best burger in the world, and in particular, in San Francisco.

I even enlisted a burger sidekick, my roommate Pete, in my never-ending search for the best burger in San Francisco.  I’ve found ones I like, but I have yet to meet my dream burger.  I’m beginning to think it’s like finding prince charming.  Will my true best burger ever find me???  Until then, here are my top spots for a burgers in San Francisco:


 4 Top Burger In San Francisco

  1. Chez Maman (Potrero and Hayes Valley)

  2. Zoe’s (Mission)

  3. Spruce (Presidio Heights)

  4. Rosamunde (Lower Haight)



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  • Reply July 26, 2014


    I’m a burger lover too… I’ve had many great burgers here in Miami. My burger would be a mix of different organic, grass-fed ground meats cooked medium well on some artisan burns with crunchy lettuce and crispy tomatoes topped with crumbled blue cheese. Mmmm… My mouth is water! Your dream of having THE burger is only a bite away. Enjoy eating until you find the right one! LOL

    • Reply July 28, 2014

      Danielle D. Washington

      I’ve never been to Miami. What do you think is the best burger spot in your city?

  • […] actually think their brunch is way better than their dinner menu. You can’t go wrong with the burger from Spruce. However, there are plenty of other options to choose from that are just as good. The […]

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