Forgotten Love on Valentine’s Day


I’m not of a fan of Valentine’s Day. It’s odd as I’m in love with the idea of love. I mean seriously, who else has secretly waited years for a Jake Ryan moment on a table?


That said I get annoyed when people call today “Singles Awareness Day (SAD)” or they get so wrapped up in trying to show their undying love for another. What most people forget when talking about Valentine’s Day is self-love.

A life partner and children are just the icing on the cake. My self-love is the true cake.

I spent a good portion of my life not knowing self-love until one day, after years of working towards it, there it was waiting for me. Discovering my self-love was like gaining a super power like Wonder Woman or the sisters from Charmed.

I became invincible (in my mind) with this new self-love super power. I discovered that I am more confident. I am more grateful for the smallest of small miracles that happen daily in my life. And most importantly, I stopped seeking approval and joy from others.

Overall, I am just a happier person, which benefits myself and those around me.

All that said, don’t get it twisted, I still hella want a life partner. I just know that I don’t need one to complete me. As I see it, it’s like my views on having a baby; both are just the icing on the cake. My self-love is the true cake.

So while the rest of you celebrate love or are depressed thinking about it on the day designated by Hallmark, I’d rather continue experiencing and celebrating self-love on a daily basis. I also plan to continue my search for a lifetime partner, but he’ll also need to possess the same super powers or it won’t work. Because seriously, how are we going to conquer the world together without our self-love super powers?

Happy Hallmark Day!

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