Brunch in San Francisco is a Way of Life

Top Five Spots for Brunch in San Francisco

Brunch isn’t just a meal, it’s a way of life. Especially here in San Francisco, brunch is how we make time to see our friends. It’s how we recover from hangovers. And most importantly, it’s how we justify drinking before Noon.

It seems like everyone has an opinion on what is the best place for brunch in San Francisco. Some swear by Brenda’s and the long lines outside may be proof (though, I’m not a believer). Heck, I love Tartine Bakery and will gladly stand in the long lines, but it’s not my choice for brunch in San Francisco.

You see I’ve always had high standards for breakfast and brunch. That was never clearer then when my parents tried to force me to eat breakfast at McDonald’s in Hawaii and we missed our flight because I refused. A slightly embarrassing story, that my mother loves to tell, but it’s a reminder never to underestimate the will of a foodie kid and your brunch locations really do matter.

I’m not saying I’m the Michelin star giver of San Francisco, but here are my top five spots for brunch in San Francisco.


Top 5 Spots for Brunch in San Francisco

Huxley (TenderloiHuxley San Francisco Pot Pie Brunch in San Francisco n)

Huxley is a cute little spot, as in its hella small. What they lack in space, they make up in character, unique food options and good drinks. The menu changes seasonally, but there are a few things that are generally on the menu like the pot pie. The only downside is that I don’t get how any brunch spot can run out of bacon before noon, but maybe that was a one-time fluke. Reservations are highly recommended and don’t be late or prepare to miss out on a foodie experience.


Spruce (Laurel Heights) Maine Lobster Benedict Brunch in San Francisco

I actually think their brunch is way better than their dinner menu. You can’t go wrong with the burger from Spruce. However, there are plenty of other options to choose from that are just as good. The only thing that rivals the Maine lobster benedict, just-baked coffee cake or duck hash are the breakfast cocktails.


The Vestry (Mission)

IThe Vestry San Francisco Cowboy Breakfast Brunch in San Francisco am not a fan of being in the Mission on the weekends, but I will make an exception for The Vestry. I come here for the food, but who doesn’t love a little 90’s hip-hop with their brunch? I have yet to be disappointed by the food or drink options, but I often lean towards ordering the Cowboy Breakfast paired with the Lady Guadalupe cocktail. The spiciness of the habanero in the drink and the Andouille sausage gravy creates a perfect balance of flavors that keeps me coming back.



Beso (Castro) 

Beso San Francisco Octopus Brunch in San Francisco Serving Spanish tapas, Beso is an alternative to the typical brunch options in San Francisco.  I recommend skipping the traditional Spanish omelet and instead trying the seared octopus, spicy Shishito peppers, and the chorizo dish. The last time I went, I actually shared almost everything on the menu, which sounded like a good idea. That was until we realized the tables were too small for our desires. Just something to consider, but Beso is great for sharing.



Cassava (Outer Richmond)

Cassava Brunch in San Francisco

Cassava is an intimate neighborhood spot on Balboa Street serving a mix of Japanese American brunch and modern Californian cuisine. The food is great here, but part of its charm is the decor and friendly staff.  I love grabbing one of the quirky books like the The Hungover Cookbook or Keep Calm and Drink Up while waiting for my food as it gives Cassava a homey feel. However, don’t be fooled by the homey feel; it is highly recommended to make a reservation for brunch.


What are your favorite places for brunch? Please share as I’m always looking for new places!


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