Le Tote: How To Be Stylish On A Budget

Do you ever go in your closet and think I have nothing to wear? I have to believe I am not the only one with this problem.

Sure, both of my closets are jammed packed with clothes and in theory I shouldn’t have issues finding something to wear. However, my closets are full of items I wear all the time, crap I don’t want to wear and things I question why I still own.

What is worse is when you have to go to a work event or are traveling and want to impress on a budget. That was my situation when I attended the Blogging While Brown Conference in Austin, Texas.

Vashti at veepeejay.comWhen I think of bloggers, I automatically think of stylish women like Vashti J. of Veepeejay.com. If you follow her already, you know she has a great sense of personal style and her hair is always fleek (urban dictionary translation: always looking good).

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I’m a prime candidate for What Not To Wear, but I often feel like my closet doesn’t match where I want to be style wise.

A huge part of that is money. I have a good sense of style and what works for my body, but I can’t afford to buy the clothes and accessories I want to buy. So how does one find a way to be stylish on a budget?

Let me introduce you to LE TOTE.


Noir (dress), Clement (earrings) and Summer & Sage LTD  (bracelet)


Le Tote, the “Netflix of clothing,” is a monthly subscription service that lets you rent clothing and accessories. Sure, it sounds similar to Rent The Runway, but how often does one need a fancy cocktail dress? What I like about Le Tote and what makes it different in my opinion, is that you have options for both everyday wear and nightlife events.




So how does it work?

  • Sign up for LE TOTE for $49/month

Umm…this part is self-explanatory

  • Complete the Style Profile

Here is where you give Le Tote with your measurements and a better sense of your style and preferences. For example, I was able to note that I did not want to receive shorts as I look like a hot mess in them.

  • Start adding items to “My Closet”

“My Closet” is a collection of items you want to receive in your tote. This also helps the stylists get an idea of what you like.

  • Tote ready for customization

Each tote includes three garments and two accessories and is shipped within one to tLe-Tote-Boxwo business days. Le Tote will let know you when your tote has been styled and is ready for customization. You are then given 24 hours before shipment to keep the items personally selected for you or swap them for other items. Because I generally wear dresses, I tend to swap often.

  • Be fashionably fabulous

Wear the Le Tote items like you own it for as long as you want. Want to keep an item? Le Tote offers discounted pricing on all items. Simple don’t return it and you’ll be automatically billed.

  • Ready for something new?

Return the items in the pre-labeled shipping pack and start the process all over.

Le Tote is that easy and gave me something new to wear while working and playing in Texas. But don’t take my word try it yourself! Click here to sign up now.

le tote dress

Marking my territory in Austin with friends

LE TOTE clothing and accessory rental













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  • Aww, thanks girls. It was so great meeting you and I loved your conference style. LeTote sounds like an awesome service because sometimes getting to the mall, trying stuff on and all that jazz is just too much. I need to look into it some more.

  • Reply October 17, 2015


    I love the idea of a subscription box to to get clothes out to you and help out with styling! Sometimes we have too much to think about to get a cute outfit together. I’m going to check them out! Thanks for sharing!

    • Reply October 17, 2015

      Danielle D. Washington

      Le Tote has saved me so many times. I wanted something new for my trip to South Africa and NYC, but didn’t want spend a lot. My tote was perfect for both locations and I received compliments all the time.

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