I’ll Drink To That: Acai Berry Cocktail Is The New Hipster

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Summertime makes me want to drink more. Ok, that’s a lie. I love drinking in the winter, fall and spring too.

After spending a few weeks in Austin, Texas, I now understand why people generally drink more in the summer. It is hella hot and drinking is the only viable solution or the only one I recognized.

Fortunately, Austin has a great bar scene. I tend to stay away from 6th street, which is Austin’s version of Bourbon Street in New Orleans. Instead, you can generally catch me in the Rainey Street Historic District with the cute bungalow homes turned into bars or on South Congress after a day of vintage shopping.

On this trip, I ended up staying at a friend’s house in East Austin, which is basically Austin’s hipster neighborhood. I am seriously starting to question if I’m becoming the new face of the black hipster, after this trip and the one to San Diego.

There is a lot to love about East Austin, but my best find was the Lucy Fernandez cocktail created by Kyle Jenkins at Bar 2211.East-Austin-Graffiti-acai-berry-cocktail

I’m mean what could be more hipster-like than a cocktail named after a slightly crazy lady who calls herself Lucy Fernandez at her job?

Maybe the fact that it’s main ingredient is an acai berry liqueur, which means this cocktail is also good for you. Ok, maybe saying it’s good for you is a stretch since it is alcohol. I can say trying an acai berry cocktail was a selling point for me besides just loving the combination of acai berries with the smokiness of the mezcal.

If you do go to Bar 2211 in East Austin don’t be shocked if you don’t see Lucy Fernandez on the menu. Lucy Fernandez is so hip, that you need to be in the know and now you are.

Lucy Fernandez – Acai Berry Cocktail

Mezcal 1.5 oz

Luxardo .5

Cedilla (acai berry liqueur) .5

Lime juice

Triple sec

Add all the ingredients to a mixing glass and stir. Strain over ice in a cocktail glass.

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