Trapped In The Closet: Is Tina the Only One?

Woman hiding in clothes

Why do we pour our hearts out and get so little in return?

The Tina and the Gucci flip-flop story that went viral yesterday on Twitter was funny. If you missed it, a guy who goes by “X” on Twitter tells a story about a woman who thought she met her dream man and was about to give up “the cookies” only to have his lover come home and she gets trapped in the closet. Done being trapped, she throws a Gucci flip-flop at the lover and runs out the house crying, not about the guy, but about how she deserves better.

The delivery of the story is hilarious, but once you wipe away the tears of laughter you start to think about your own trapped in the closet moments and that’s not so funny.

Tina Trapped in the closet story 4Tina Trapped in the closet story 5






But why do we end up trapped in the closet in the first place?

I think it’s because some of us don’t trust our instincts.  We need the drama and stress in our lives to finally hear our inner voice yell that we deserve better.

If you think about it, the metaphor of being trapped in the closet is really about the internal battle over our own self-worth. Yet, so many of us are focused on how horrible it is to be here, that we forget about how we even got here.

We didn’t magically get trapped into the closet. Many of us walked freely into that closet; some even skipped and twerked into it. Others may protest they were forced into being trapped in the closet, but those are the ones still in major denial.

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No matter how you got there, the great part about the moment when you realize that you’re trapped is that this is when there is hope. It’s when you realize that you are indeed trapped in situation that no longer serves you and say to yourself, “Something has gotta give!”

This is when your inner voice has finally connected with self-worth and the dynamic duo takes you by the hand and begins to guide you out of that dang closet. You may feel a few burn marks and have some permanent scars from being in the closet, but rising up is the first step to recognizing your self-worth.

But before you can rise up, do you have a self-care plan on how to rise up from being trapped in the closet? Or better yet, a plan on how not to get trapped in the closet again?

I had no plan in place in my last situation and I quickly ended up back in the closet. This last time cut deeply, but it was a beautiful lesson I needed to learn.

The reality is, we all get trapped in the closet and most eventually get up. Why? Because we are too freakin’ fabulous to be sulking on a cold closet floor of some guy or girl who is just there to teach us a lesson! I’m just saying…


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