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A Lesson In The Art of Selflessness

I decide to giveaway free Super Bowl tickets on my Facebook page. I often have hook ups to cool events, so it wasn’t a stretch that with Super Bowl 50 being held in my hometown that I would have tickets.

Plus, who wouldn’t want free tickets to one of this year’s biggest events? With that in mind, I added an extra step because why should getting free Super Bowl tickets be easy?  So I asked people to also tell me why they deserved to get free Super Bowl tickets over the next person.

This is when things got interesting. My first response was an offline message basically saying I was crazy for giving away the tickets. Well actually, it was more like an online intervention for me to ditch my idea and sell the tickets. He made a very good point because I could always use more money to fund my travel, food and drinking adventures. Yet, making money was not my intention with this offer.

Online Intervention super bowlOne of the next responses I received almost made me delete my post. One friend made a plea to give the tickets to her grandmother who had been a Candlestick Park season ticket holder since the 80’s, which was the old football stadium in San Francisco that recently closed. The new Levi’s Stadium located 45 minutes from San Francisco was now too far for her to travel and she was forced to give up her seats.

Talk about pulling on my heart!! I was not expecting such heart felt pleas, but then again this is the Super Bowl.

I thought no one could beat that story until someone who already responded gave up their chance at free Super Bowl tickets to let my friend and her grandmother go to the Super Bowl. Wow, now I had people giving up a chance to go to the Super Bowl for someone they don’t even know? I was eating up the crazy random acts of kindness.


Of course there were others who claimed I should pick them just because they were new parents or the biggest Denver Broncos or Carolina Panthers fan. There were those who claimed their love for me and another who kept it real and said “just because I asked.”  Hell, I even had my french teacher throw his name in the ring stating he should go because he taught me french. (Trust that last one got a side-eye/laugh)

If I had 20 tickets to giveaway these would all be fine answers. But I didn’t, so I needed someone to give me a freaking amazing reason not to give the tickets to my parents who have had their own struggles.

Another top contender came from a childhood friend who I haven’t seen since high school. She wanted to give the tickets to her nephew who is changing lives as a teacher at an inner city public school in Denver and to me, because we are two of her “fave people” in her entire life. I didn’t see that coming and felt super loved and who doesn’t want to feel loved??

There were so many other posts like this that made me wish I was Oprah and could tell everyone “check your inbox, you all have tickets!!”

The reality is I didn’t have any tickets. I wanted a creative way to tell folks I was escaping the Super Bowl 50 chaos and heading to Puerto Rico and thought this would be funny. What I got instead was a lesson in the art of selflessness.

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When given the opportunity to demand something for themselves, many of my friends pleaded for the ones they love. They always say you should surround yourself with good people who get it and you can learn from. Yet, it’s not until moments like this when people are tested, that you truly know you’re crew is on point.

What I gathered quickly is that I have surrounded myself with some giving folks who love and support me. That to me is better than having free Super Bowl tickets. But then again, I’m not a fan of football (no shade).


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