Magical Answer to Finding Love

magical answer to finding love

I had a friend post on Facebook:

1) I love being single

2) I want to get married


I’m now the average age that women get married and I’m about to participate in skewing the data. There’s gotta be a magical answer to finding love.

All of me wanted to send her the emoji with two hands in the air to praise her comments because I understood her dating pains oh too well.

I love being single, I want to be married (or have a life partner), but I hate dating. I mean I really hate dating.

Dating is like trying to get a job during the bust. You send out tons of resumes, also known as online dating profiles, swipes to the right or direct messages. Of course you’ll get a few emails or calls showing some interest in your skill set. You may even land a first interview (aka – first date). However, after all your hard work there’s still no one ready to hire you as a wife.

It’s easy to start to question, what are you doing wrong?

Am I too independent? Do I travel too much? Am I too strong or outspoken?

Like my friend and so many other women, we start questioning what’s wrong with us. What’s worse, we then start looking for a magical answer to finding love.

holding hands_1

My advice to all single women is to stop looking for one magical answer to finding love. Just like there is no dang pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, there is no magical answer to finding love or the idea relationship you want.

And while you’re at it, there’s also most likely nothing wrong with you either. Sure maybe you can put yourself out there more and be more engaging when you meet people, however that doesn’t mean something is wrong with you as a person.

The fact is if there were one magical answer to finding love, the creator of the cure for loneliness would be richer than Bill Gates.

Unfortunately, there is no exact science or magical answer. So leave the magic to Harry Potter and remember that what works for one, will most likely not work for another. And what works in one situation may not work in another when it comes to matters of the heart. Just keep putting yourself out there and you’ll eventually find the love you want.


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