Why Now Is The Time To Go To Cuba!

Danielle in Trinidad Cuba

President Obama opening the doors to travel to Cuba directly from the United States was like winning an Oscar for avid travelers.

Cuba is now the new black!

I bet if you scroll through your Facebook and Instagram feeds, you will see beautiful pictures showcasing different journeys to Cuba. You’re probably wondering, “Why is everyone going?”

now is the time to go to cuba

strolling through the streets of Havana

Everyone is going because they know now is the time to go to Cuba. These are the people who got the memo quickly and understood seeing Cuba in its current state is a once in a lifetime experience not to be missed. However, many are still sitting on the sidelines living through other people’s memories.

Are you one of those people on the sidelines?

If so, now is the time to go to Cuba. If you wait, you may never be able to go to Cuba (legally) and see this vibrant island in its pure state. Here is why:

  1. Trump – Obama loosened the restrictions for Americans to travel to Cuba in 2016. Now Americans can travel legally to Cuba if they qualify for one of the twelve categories for travel to the country. However, Trump has repeatedly stated he does not agree with Obama’s Cuban policy and he plans to write an executive order to reverse it. Thus, it soon may not be legal to travel directly from the United States for four more years (well, unless he gets impeached)
    Beach selfie in Trinidad, Cuba

    Beach selfie in Trinidad, Cuba

  2. Authentic – Cuba is like that forbidden fruit we have died to taste that just became legal. It is one of the few places in the world that is still authentic and true to its core. But it won’t be that way for long. Eventually, major corporations and hotel chains will come in changing the look and feel of this country. That’s why now is the time to go to Cuba before the country is forced into losing some of its culture in order to please tourists.
  3. Time Travel – Going to Cuba right now feels like you’ve traveled back in time to the 60s; to a time when there was no Internet or cellphones. Cuba allows or damn near forces you to unplug from the world. What’s great about that is that everyone is fully present. You don’t see people walking around constantly on their phones checking email and social media. Instead, they are lively and enjoying each other. And Cubans are eager to share their life stories with foreigners too!
  4. You – You deserve to take time for you to unplug, recharge and have some fun during a once in a lifetime experience in Cuba.

Added Bonus:

If you want to go now, you can also avoid the stress of planning your trip to Cuba. How?

Come with us on our Unplug and Be Free in Cuba excursion over Memorial Day weekend. This will be an intimate trip for 6 women (sorry fellas) giving them a chance to step away from life stressors, meet some kindred spirits and enjoy the authentic culture of Cuba.

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