What Gets Me Inspired In Life

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Everyone needs something to inspire them to keep pushing forward in life when things get tough. There are days I want to stay in bed and act like the world around me has stopped to give me a chance to simply catch my breath and rest. But that silly little mobile device attached to my hand always reminds me that life is still moving with or without me. That’s why finding something that inspires you is so important.

Some look for inspiration through motivational books. Others are inspired by social media posts.

For me, I am inspired mainly through my travels. There is something about being on a beach and hearing the waves that bring me peace. The sound of the waves makes me feel like, as easy as I can carve my name into the sand and have it washed away, I can do the same with my problems.

A huge reason why I travel is to be inspired by something outside of myself and my daily surrounding. On my last trip to St. Lucia I was inspired by so many things from the people to the natural beauty of the country. If I could travel every week to a new location, there is no question if I would jump at the opportunity or not.

However, bills have to be paid, so I keep a home base and day job in San Francisco (for now). I do feel blessed to have a job that I like and family nearby, but I need something to inspire me when I can’t travel.

So what inspires me to put one foot in front of the other and not give up my dreams when I can’t go to the beach or travel? Don’t laugh….

I get inspired by quotes from Being Mary Jane. Love or hate the show, Being Mary Jane inspires me not to do certain things in life, like use a turkey baster to gather a guy’s sperm to have a baby. Or not following the signs of when it’s time to walk away from Mr. Wrong.

But on the flipside, Being Mary Jane is an inspirational show. The main character, Mary Jane, is like any other Black woman out there trying to date and make it in corporate America. It’s not easy, but she inspires us with her action and also with her quotes, which is what I like the most about the show. I will actually pause the television to write them down or reflect on them. This is one of many things that inspires me when I can’t travel.





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